Tools and Spare Parts at the Right Place!

Think Tools and Equipment into the Box - Use Kit Systems

Specialized equipment for special jobs and projects - protected, sealed and ready for use - prevents our customers from wasting time offshore. It is efficient and less expensive from a long-term perspective.

If expensive tools and spare parts get lost - or end up in the wrong places - both time and money is wasted and it is a source of irritation for the service engineers.

Full Service of Kit Systems

We offer full service of handling kits to ensure that the equipment and spare parts are ready for your next job offshore. We may provide refurbishment, certification and storage of your kits.

Equipment and tools in Fanø Kran-Service kits are:

  • secured for working at heights
  • easy to reach - everything in the right place
  • marked and certified
  • in custom-made boxes, complete with list of contents


Need Control of Your Tools for the Next Project Offshore?

Do you need further details about our kit systems. We can establish and handle special kits for your tools and spare parts.

Contact us for further details - please call +45 7512 2689 or send us an e-mail on

Jacob Joensen

Workshop Assistant

Maybe the equipment has not been used for quite a long time; where did it go? Even small parts that are lost involve expenses. Therefore, we have developed our kits, primarily for the oil and gas industry, but they may certainly be useful for other businesses as well."