Rig & Projects


It takes a lot of ressources and a comprehensive view to manage a project with extensive manpower and a tight time table and budget - it may go wrong and be a costly affair.

Our team from Rig & Projects helps you keep to schedule and keep budget. They provide the right service in order for you to get down to your business.


Project Management and Modifications Abreast of Challenges

We perform all jobs with the same presicion and take care that your project is finished on time and according to plan. Our multi-skilled and flexible employees see to it that operation may be resumed as fast as possible.

We value: 

  • Continuous updates of project and budget by means of dialogues between offshore and onshore personnel
  • Observance of delivery time and budget compliance
  • Flexible and optimal solutions
  • Keeping momentum abreast of challenges


Swift Mobilization, Flexibility and Strong Co-operation

Swift mobilization, efficient planining, the right equipment and co-operation with the rig or plaform crew all contribute to a succesful outcome. Our competent employees go the extra mile for our customers to make things work. They take responsibility for the operation and may be part of the daily maintenance routines.

Contact us for further details - please call +45 7512 2689 or send us an e-mail on info@fkservice.dk.

Tommy Christensen

Technical Manager

“Often we help our customers with problems that others cannot solve - or for which they do not have the ressources. It is a matter of being able to call on the right people and diagnose the situation right. Is modification of the crane, life extension, analysis or design assessment required? We can do what it takes to solve the problem in the best possible way!”