Tool-Securing System

Work Safely at Heights with Attachment Devices

Securing of tools has been a desirable safety improvement for many years in the offshore industry. We have developed a unique system that has no counterpart in the industry.

Minimize the Risk of Dropped Objects

Equipment and tools used offshore under harsh weather conditions and in awkward positions are at risk of becoming dropped objects; either they brake or they are merely dropped by accident. Use of attachment devices reduces the risk of dropped objects considerably.

We provide the tool-securing system with several options:

  1. Purchase of our tools, complete with attachment devices
  2. Our service engineers provide your existing tools with attachment devices, either at our workshop or on site Worldwide
  3. Become trained and certified in the complete set-up by Fanø Kran-Service. Tools, materials and instructions are included

Pick the solution that fits your company. 

The Concept

Modified tools (with drilled holes for attachment) are at risk of breaking when dropped. Our product design was subject to a comprehensive set-up of drop tests to eliminate unintended breaks.

By means of carefully chosen stainless steel wires and identification tags you have secure tools and full tracability as to production date and the actual manufacturer.

Colour coding of the attachment devices will help you identify the lanyards to use together with your hand tools depending on the weight of the tools.


  • RED: For tools up to 2 kg
  • BLACK: For tools heavier than 2 kg


QR code will guide you to user instructions and further information.

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Jacob Joensen

Workshop Manager

“For several years we have complied with requirements from our customers in Norway where the standards for offshore equipment are much higher than in Denmark. Therefore, we consistently test and ensure traceability of our equipment. This, we would like to offer our Danish customers both onshore and offshore.” 

Fanø Kran-Service won the Safety Award 2015 with "Dropped Objects"