Spare Parts

Prompt Service and Durable Solutions for Cranes and Lifting Equipment
Our spare part department has its own workshop and we manufacture a wide  range of spare parts. Therefore, we are  in a position to deliver all kinds of spare parts for cranes and lifting equipment, e.g. hoses and hydraulic, electrical and mechanical components, i.e. pumps, valves, cylinders, etc.  

The Right Spare Parts Fast!
Our goal is to secure that your machinery is operational without any unnecessary delay.

Fanø Kran-Service:

  • Provide efficient logistics
  • Are suppliers of special solutions
  • Has a certified quality management system and supply certificates for all components.

Flexibility, Quality, and Safety

We take pride in delivering the best and fastest service of spare parts. We always observe agreed delivery time and place and, naturally, we comply with the high standards of quality in the offshore industry.

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Peter Nørgaard


 “All jobs are given high priority. We know how important it is for our customers to reduce or simply avoid downtime of their cranes. Therefore, we work hard to supply fast and durable solutions.”