Oil and Gas

Our customers in the oil and gas industry usually work under extreme conditions offshore. Extraction of oil and gas is a complex process and production shutdowns involve significant costs.

We Have Common Objectives

We co-operate with our customers on setting objectives for the optimization of cranes and lifting equipment for the oil and gas production. Together we create the basis for optimal operation on the offshore installations; operation under extreme conditions. Co-operation is secured by means of dialogue, mutual respect and knowledge sharing.

Fanø Kran-Service Provide Flexible and Safe Solutions

Our capable and liable service engineers maintain and service cranes and lifting equipment - always with focus on safety and in accordance with best practice, specifications and demands from the oil and gas industry.


  • Our service co-ordinators do project management and see to it that our customers get the best solutions.
  • The service co-ordinator provides our customers with support and advice and is their link to the service engineers offshore. Not only on day-to-day routine jobs but also on complex issues.
  • Spare parts for cranes and lifting equipment are sent onshore for refurbishment and assembly in order to be plug & play offshore. The customer saves time and costly offshore maintenance.

Check up on your cranes - let us prepare a crane matrix (extended service book) with information about main data, certificates, loose gear, load test, etc.

Contact us for further details - please call +45 7512 2689 or send us an e-mail on info@fkservice.dk.

Henrik Andersen

Service Co-ordinator and Team Leader

“We lead the way for our customers allowing them to concentrate on making profits rather than having concerns about the lifting operations. At Fanø Kran-Service we draw on years of experience and our competent and flexible employees."