Preparation makes a great difference, but the wheater, that is often a challenge for our customers in the maritime sector, is beyond our control. Therefore, our approach to preparation and planning is very flexible and dynamic. We often present ad hoc solutions, particularly prioritized to prevent or remedy breakdowns.

We meet our customers' demands for service, maintenance and repair of cranes and lifting equipment as regards e.g.:

  • Life boats
  • Installation vessels
  • Cargo and tank vessels
  • Subsea vessels

Planning and Estimation of Your Next Project

As our customer you can expect:

  • Close dialogue - we follow up and keep you up-to-date
  • Swift mobilization
  • Skilled employees
  • The same service engineer for the task, to the extent possible; he knows the job and the conditions
  • Technical knowledge sharing
  • Flexibility - we are not too set in one solution only
  • Access to our network of contacts and attractive supply and price agreements

Contact us for further details - please call +45 7512 2689 or send us an e-mail on


Tommy Christensen

Technical Manager

“The employees working with service for the maritime sector are very experienced.  
We have a basic expertise of most everything and profound knowledge of our colleagues' skills and core competences. 

We are never too set in one solution only; our approach is flexible and dynamic. In addition, we guarantee swift mobilization!”