HSE Policy

The company service must always be performed in a safe and healthy manner for which reason Fanø Kran-Service wishes to maintain and improve a positive working environment.

We must improve the working environment by analyzing and learning, and we must call attention to and back up the positive situations, where colleagues set good examples.

The working environment established by Fanø Kran-Service must of course fulfill the demands issued by the authorities and other concerned parties. However, the development of the working environment is not limited by those demands as the company may lay down intensified requirements and objectives for the working environment.

The basis of this occupational health and safety policy is a constant awareness of the conditions that may affect the working environment during the service performed by the company. Fanø Kran-Service is thus committed to collect updated information about any conditions concerning the working environment. This also means that Fanø Kran-Service must compare company standards for the working environment to the working environment at its sub-suppliers’ to ensure agreement.

Based on the actual circumstances for the working environment, Fanø Kran-Service is to improve the working environment to raise its standards. The working environment organization must, at least once a year, evaluate on this improvement and set goals for future improvements. The fundamental goal is to create a working environment with no lost time incidents nor industrial diseases by identifying risks and handling these proactively.

Development of the working environment at Fanø Kran-Service must be made in equal and respectful cooperation with the employees. Hence, the setting for election of employee representatives, their subsequent activities related to the working environment and the confidentiality under which they operate must be supported by management. The working environment organization and development of the working environment must be visible for the company’s interested parties in general and for the employees in particular. The employees must have access to relevant documentation. It is essential that everyone is fundamentally open and honest in relation to development of the working environment.

The undersigned expect all employees to support the company occupational health and safety policy such that we can establish and maintain a sound working environment. Hence, everybody is responsible for the local working environment, the way he or she act upon it, and the personal conditions for making the working environment safe.