Quality Policy

Fanø Kran-Services management demand high-quality service and products as this is vital for the safety of the equipment on which we perform service and the company’s further business development.

The ”administrative” service experienced by our customers, must be of such a quality that the company is considered a professional supplier in the industry in which we operate. This means that customers’ requests must be met with seriousness, clear communication and liability and with due consideration for formal and technical demands.

The technical service must comply with the customers’ demands and the fact that the technical equipment in question has great influence on the personal safety and operational liability on the installations. Our aim is to ensure solutions that are safe and liable and the documentation must be sufficient to verify correct execution in accordance with current rules and regulations.

It is important that the individual employee is aware of the necessary level of quality and the responsibility for their own professionalism and craftmanship for the specific tasks. The responsibility also means that the individual must stop if discrepancies or challenges are experienced that affect the ability to solve tasks satisfactorily.

In order to be able to offer services that meet client demands the company is committed to continuously adapt its quality management system and develop its managers and employees.

Measurement of the quality level and evaluation of the quality management system is a premise for development of the system and any necessary measures.

This implies that the company look forward and assess the opportunities and challenges in consideration of future measures