Cranemaster Reduces Risks of Offshore Lifts
At Fanø Kran-Service we are focused on the best possible working conditions for our employees and customers - also when the weather is rough at sea. Lifting items from splash zones to ships, rigs and platforms by means of a heave compensator from Cranemaster is protecting the employees and the load at the same time. Moreover, you increase the weather window for a safe lift.

Controlled Lifts and Protection of Load
With a passive heave compensator you may master the waves and avoid:

  • Slamming forces - Massive increased weight transferre to crane and load in rough sea
  • Snap loads - due to waves and heavy peak loads

The crane keep its lifting capacity even at increasing wave height and at the same time the Cranemaster protects the load and reduces DAF (Dynamic Amplification Factor) 1,3 or less.

Reduce Time for Loading and Make Transfer Safer
The Cranemaster absorbs the dynamic forces from the waves and is especially used for:

  • Offshore lifts – increases the weather window and protects the load
  • Installation of wind turbines - reduces wave dynamics
  • Subsea lifting operations - reduces time for loading (PHC)
  • Subsea retrival - prevents the direct tension of the load and the boom tip movement

Since 2006, Fanø Kran-Service has co-operated with Cranemaster. We know the customers' challenges onshore as well as offshore and how they are solved by means of the equipment from Cranemaster.

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Tommy Christensen

Technical Manager

"A Cranemaster heave compensator helps you save time, protect the load, increase the weather window and is far less expensive than the alternatives."