Reflex Marine

Increase Safety of Transfer Offshore - Every Time
Safe transfer of personnel to and from ships, rigs or productions platforms is an essential focal point in the maritime sector and the offshore industry. As business partner and certified service center for Reflex Marine, we may provide our offshore customers with one of the safest solutions for personnel transfer in the business. A transfer basket from Reflex Marine provides maximum safety - and the best comfort. 

Safety and Confidence for Your Employees
At Fanø Kran-Service we value the safety of offshore personnel and prioritize safe offshore mobilization and demobilization. Transfer with Reflex Marine FROG, TORO or WAVE gives you maximum safety - also in bad weather.

Reflex Marine transfer baskets:

  • Gives you efficient, safe and comfortable transfer of personnel
  • Is a fine alternative to helicopter transport in bad weather like e.g. fog and icing
  • Minimize the risk of personal injury during transfer in high sea
  • May be serviced and maintained offshore

Fanø Kran-Service is Reflex Marine Business Partner
Fanø Kran-Service is certified service center for Reflex Marine and is approved to do half-yearly and yearly service of both FROG, TORO and Wave including load test and any repairs. Units are available for purchase as well as rent.

Contact us for further details - please call +45 7512 2689 or send us an e-mail on

Henrik Andersen

Service- & Project Manager

”Safety is a keyword – so why not go for the transfer basket that is probably the safest one on the market..? ”