Proofload Water Bags

Fanø Kran-Service are suppliers of water bags from Proofload; Designed for fast and accurate load tests. As Proofload's business partner and agent in Scandinavia, we assist our customers with load tests of equipment for cranes, lifeboats, davits and catwalks on ships.

We offer:

  • Rental of test equipment
  • Inspection
  • Loadtest service
  • Technical support

Fast and Accurate Load Tests

We perform load tests with water bags up to 100 tons; special load tests up to 1000 tons are possible. 

We supply complete sets of equipment including water bags, dynamometer, sling and pumps for filling of Water. Easy and convenient for you as our customer. 

All test equipment is:

  • inspected by Fanø Kran-Service prior to load test
  • delivered fast
  • supplied together with operator's knowhow

As a general rule the test equipment is accompanied by one of our competent service engineers with the objective to optimize the use of the equipment and reduce the risk of causing any damage or errors to the materials. This is your guarantee for safety.

Contact us for further details - please call +45 7512 2689 or send us an e-mail on

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