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Fanø Kran-Service A/S has developed in the midst of the North Sea maritime environment. Since 1995, we have serviced cranes for customers, primarily in the energy sector. We maintain technical equipment on board offshore installations and ships. We perform service worldwide on all types of installations within the energy and maritime sectors.

We develop quality products for crane service

Fanø Kran-Service is continously focused on developing products of value to our customers. Products that make processes more efficient or increase safety. Or products that in other ways are supplementary to our customers' own equipment.

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Crane service and dialogues at multiple levels

Fanø Kran-Service offer service and consultancy at multiple levels, ranging from service and maintenance of equipment through to administration of certificates and consultancy in complex projects. Moreover, in order to optimize use of cranes and equipment, Fanø-Kran-Service supply user training.

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Make full use of your equipment with courses at Fanø Kran-Service

We help our customers perform better and increase safety onshore and offshore. The courses give you a greater understanding of the crane functions and optimize the use of the lifting equipment. We provide courses in e.g. technical training, documentation, quality control and safety.

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Worldwide kranservice

Fanø Kran-Service provides world wide service!